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Evolutionary genetics of plant networks

Research Project of PhD student Juan-Diego Santillana Ortiz in the undefinedInstitute of Population Genetics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Laura Rose:

We will be generating a large transcriptome dataset from multiple individuals of two closely related wild tomato species. This will likely yield the DNA sequences of 20,000 genes per individual.

With this large-scale population genomics dataset, we are interested in addressing the following question: What is the interaction between molecular evolution and functional category, pathway position or pathway length?

For example, from my previous work on resistance genes, we anticipate that this class of genes will show a higher rate of amino acid evolution, on average, than other genes in the genome. Furthermore, since strong barriers to interspecific matings exist between these species, genes known to be involved in species recognition (e.g. genes specifically expressed in pollen and stigma) may show strong directional selection between these species.

We will first study the demographic signature recorded in the DNA sequences, and then develop analytical methods to tease apart demographic and selective effects on genome evolution.

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Juan-Diego Santillana Ortiz

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Prof. Dr. Laura Rose

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